Singed Cat Studios presents… Ranzatsu (乱雑)

Ranzatsu is the Japanese word for clutter/disorder/promiscuity. This is an exercise in dialogue through participatory comics/manga. Part Performance, Part Installation. There is no audience. Everyone joins to create a comic dialogue from upcycled manga/comics/their own hand. It can live on any surface. It can never be finished.

Ranzatsu Trailer from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.

8/6/11 –  Buffalo Infringment Festival: Mon Aug 1, 6-8pm at Casa de Arte
Media Kit PDF/Flyer {LINK}

Singed Cat Studios is a group of friends who like to hang out and do art. Ranzatsu was Created by: Annie Stoll (a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Doodler), with help from Tim Ferrara (the writer/artist of the webcomic, Honey & the Whirlwind), and Terry O’Connor (a very talented musician)