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~ This is a board for drawing with Oekaki! Please take your time and submit lovely drawings. (Suggested: take at least 20-60 min. per drawing)
~ Well rendered sketches are acceptable :D
~ Artistic nudity is allowed as is shounen/shoujo Ai
~ p0rn/yaoi/yuri/hentai/shota is forbidden & will be deleted. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned.
~ Admin reserve the right to delete any work that is not up to par. (aka breaks any of the above rules). This board is for intermediate-advanced oekaki-ers. If you want to do random doodles, please go to Tekagi-e. (at this time there is not a second doodle board, but if it becomes necessary, I will add it)
~ Upload function is only for posting recovered Oekaki pictures.


~ Please be courteous and kind in your comments. Encourage one another and participate! ^3^~
~ Critique is ok if the artist asks for it.
~ If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all (as the fabulous Thumper of Bambi fame once said.)


~ All users must register & be approved by an admin before they can draw!


Questions? Don't hesitate to send an email -> tsubasanokami{at}


~ Want some Oekaki tutorials? check out our {tutorial page}
~ Always save your work with a screen capture before you send it. If it errors, you will still have the capture and may upload it to the board. :D

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