Ode will be launching after Blood from a Stone completes on Squid Salad! Head over to ODECOMIC.COM to sign up for updates and view our CONCEPT SKETCHBOOK!

Ode is a comic that Tim & I are working on creating. It’s going to be really awesome. Below is an introduction about the comic from our concept book. Below that you’ll find a gallery of sketches. As we progress, there will be more news and announcements on the sidebar or in the blog. Currently, Blood from a Stone is a mini prequel to Ode that is running here on Squid Salad. As soon as that finishes, the Ode comic site will be up and running with the story! Tim has written it, and now I have to illustrate it.

Introduction by Tim Ferrara

Magic is fading, and the world is changing. Some, however, still fight for the Old Ways. These are the kinds of heroes with stories that live on. This is their Ode.

This story has taken us a very long while to get off the ground. It’s not often that Annie and I get to contribute this equally to a story; usually it’s either hers that I write, or mine that she illustrates, but this story is ours all the way through.

Ode began as an idea we had a little over a year ago to write “a sword and sorcery comic”. We didn’t have any ideas, or even any characters, but Annie had recently drawn a picture of a young, armored girl fighting a dragon, and we just wanted more of that.

Annie began drawing a female knight, older and far more intense than any of the original characters I’ve seen her draw in the past, and I fell in love with the idea. We immediately tried to find out more about who she should be, but admittedly, we found it difficult to agree on anything at the beginning. It wasn’t until I added to the mix a younger, wilder squire character that we really started to pick things up. Almost immediately Annie thought she should be called Wren, and she became our first true character.

Ode will have magic, knights, dragons and monsters. It will have strong female protagonists, and men with mysterious pasts. It will have hidden worlds with ethereal beings, reclusive rebels fighting conquering armies. Basically we want this story to have everything we love stories for. We hope that when the final version is ready to be shown, it will have everything you love stories for, too.




More Sketches are posted in the Blog filed under “Ode” and on Tumblr