Tim wrote this & I drew this comic!  It’s the second in our Pokemon vs Doctor Who series. (The First one was: Bigger on the Inside). Hope you enjoy- we’re having a blast with it! And I’m finally watching the whole 11th Doctor series. This comic is based off The Impossible Astronaut episode.

If you’re keen on Doctor Who, I have some spiffy buttons up for sale on my etsy {LINK}. Only $5 for 6 Brilliant buttons and the proceeds are going towards buying Squid Salad a better web host!

In other news, I wrote a journal yesterday about a lot of the things I’ve been working on {LINK}. AND also, the amazing gals, Anne Richmond and Emily Floyd of This is Art fame interviewed me for their digital spotlight series. They are working on a really amazing web series, and I’m set to work on chibis for the opening credits. Anne and Emily are super talented actresses and they’ve assembled a marvelous cast for This is Art. Although I come across like kind of a goof ball, I’m really lucky to know these ladies and super excited and humbled at the same time to have done this interview with them.