Hey! It’s an autopost from that past comin’ atcha into the future that you’re reading in the present!! I’m on my way to Otakon now!  This swanky 3D poster is available WITH 3D GLASSES at Artist table G5! Rawk on and drop by and say hi!!  Check out the Journal entry below for more details.

I should also take the moment to note that I *adore* all Zelda games and someday I will actually finish one of them. Ha! (yeah I’m one of those lameballs that gets stuck and doesn’t go back to it… but I swear I love it…)

I’m going to be running two really exciting artsy fartsy workshops this year! I hope you can make it ^^v

T hese fill up really fast- I know last year the chibi workshop had a line out an hour before it happened, so make sure you drop by early. >3<~~! There will be hand-outs, and lots of things to draw with. Even if you think you can’t draw,  I guarantee that you’ll have a blast at both of these ‘shops!


Uber Extreme How to Draw Chibi: Anatomy Edition

When: 2:30-4:30pm FRIDAY
Where: Workshop room #2
Do you find that little chibis are taking over your everyday life? Have you spotted them in your notebooks and between math problems? Need to scratch that doodling itch? Would you like to learn some hand drawing and anatomy skills that will save you in a chibi-battle-royale pinch? Jump up! & get your Chibi drawing on with an uber intense, jam packed with excitement, hands on approach to drawing in chibi form! Workshop includes chibi types, techniques, with a focus on sketching and anatomy tips + tricks! There will also be live cosplay models with audience participation to the max!!! The grand finale will conclude in an epic chibi duel: winner take all!

Book-binding, Zines, & Comics for the Anime/Manga Enthusiast

When: 5:00-6:30pm SATURDAY
Where: Workshop room #1
Love books? Want to make you very own comic? Curious about what a zine is? We’ll learn all about book binding: from how your favorite manga is made to learning to make your very own Japanese stab stitch bound book. We’ll even create a very rad first edition Otakon zine! It’s fun and simple whether you are a writer, an artist, or someone who likes fancy to-do lists. Everyone will come away with a personal zine or comic as well as with knowledge on sewing, gluing, and binding techniques.