I’ve locked myself up until Monday. I’m making an Ode sketchbook/preproduction book for Connecticon. I’ve been trying to nail down the characters, style, and world. I’ve never put so much into something like this. You’ll see more seeping out of my tumblr, and I’ll be posting another huge sketch dump on SS soon.

I feel bad b/c I haven’t been updating my DA/squidsalad and it seems all I’m doing is doodling these OCs. Thanks for sticking around and watching. I’m in that perilous part of development and after I get thru it, I’ll be on the cusp of something awesome. But right now I’m literally sweating.

I think every artist goes thru some kind of self doubt- ‘oh i’m not *really* an illustrator’, ‘why am I doing this when there are so many cooler people out there?’ But this is a story that I NEED to tell, and it will evolve. Evolution through fire.

I’m in the line at the roller coaster and I’m about to puke from anticipation.

But I just have to let it happen.

/end angsty rant