Hey youz guyz who are still out there. Sorry I’ve been the worst lately. I hit a super wall and a bunch of bad luck. I’m gonna be better from now on. I’m going to get back from Intervention and it will be a whole new moi~~! haha… also it’s an awesome Internet convention. We’ll have a nice big talk when I get back. This is for certain.

Today’s filler is a bunch of Doctor Who buttons I’ll be sellin’ at the con! AND NOW ON MY ETSY! {LINK}

See youz guys at Intervention this weekend! Tim is premiering a new mini comic for Honey & the Whirlwind and I have a TON of new buttons.
We’re going to be at table #73, right next to our pal, Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame. Also we’ll be chillin’ with our buds, Stuffed Sushi!