And we’re back! My hiatus lased a bit longer than I would have liked, but I’m back and going to continue this story! I’m looking for a 3x a week update schedule that I can keep up with, but if there are more, then I’ll post more frequently, as I’ve been mad busy job interviewing and the like. Also holidays back in Buffalo were pretty crazy and I’ve been busy since. I also updated the convention schedule for this upcoming year and I’m hoping to start back up on the Sketch a Day train. I’ve never been one to be an over-sharer, but I think in this new year many happy things are in store and things that might have been a bit on the less than ok side are going away. Sometimes it’s hard finding a balance between what you enjoy doing and what you also really enjoy doing- if that makes any kind of sense… ^^;

See you back here in a day!