Hey It’s my birthday! and as promised here’s that Lord of the Rings comic that Tim wrote for me and I doodled. It came about as a goofy conversation we had, and well now the rest is history. If you’re having trouble seeing it larger, you can totally click HERE and view it. I don’t usually make wide comics, so this one is breaking my template a bit. (oops!)

I’m going back to a 3-day per week update schedule. :) yay! So much awesome has been happening. I went to Anime Central and got to meet a lot of awesome new people and also a bunch of old and wonderful friends. I always tell myself that I’m gonna make a big huge journal about it, but I’m scared I’m going to forget someone and so I never do OTL…. I gotta learn to take notes at the con, haha!

Other news…I’m working on more top secret projects of a war of the stars nature, and also been doing a lot of sketching. I’m gonna upload some of those doodles, since a lot of you seem to really like them! That sword and sorcery comic now has a name and the characters are coming along nicely. I’ll be posting some of my process on that in the next few days.

Catch ya later!