So! In the coolest news of my life so far, I’ve been nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package along with my White Bike comrade, Brian Grunert and musicians Mike Brown & Zac Decamp! I’m over the moon, super excited and nervous–I have so many feelings just gushing all over the place but mostly I’m mad grateful!!!! I can’t believe I’m in the company of such excellent designer nominees and some pretty crazy musicians to boot: Jay Z, Metallica, Reckless Kelly and… David freaking Bowie!!! I’m also a big fan of fellow nominees Jonathan Barnbrook and the Dodds sisters. A lot of my pals didn’t even know there was a category for design!

The album is called Automatic Music Can Be Fun. If you want to see a bit of what it looks like, you can check out my portfolio page with photos here. What’s extra special about this package is that not only did I get to design it and it’s full of lovely scratch-off material, I also picked words from the songs that would stand out of scratch off material and formed them into a poem. Then, the band went and recorded those words as a secret song that you can go to the official website and download & listen to for total free! It’s one of if not the coolest projects I’ve ever had the honor to work on, and it’s beyond rad that a small little project like this could be recognized by the giant force that is the Grammy’s. I don’t know if it’ll ever quite sink in that I’ve achieved a life-long dream!

Automatic Music Can Be Fun