I’m back from Connecticon! I got back on Sunday and have had a TON of work to catch up with. First thing’s first- THE RETURN OF SKETCH A DAY!!!

I drew this from a blob of color and then added back into it. I think I’m becoming a bit more confident in this technique. Once I feel super secure (or well at least a bit daring) I’ll try to capture this process with video!

 skad-71-linkzelda_webToon Link – The Legend of Zelda | SOLD

So Connecticon- What an amazing experience that was!  I loved meeting all kinds of new and old friends. There were so many amazing artists there as well!!! I snagged some cool comics by Jess FinkMagnolia Porter + Hanni Brosh, & Emmy C. I also had amazing neighbors, Aaron Wood (his posters are so rad!) & THE BLAIR (and her lovely pals!!) (you NEED to listen to her music and read her comic…at once!) and had a blast chillin’ with Lindsay & Alex of Baman Pideman Fame, Cari of Toilet Genie (too many feels for her art!),  The Whole Atomic Robo Crew, Scott & Brian & Doe & Crash (ps they have a kickstarter!), and Mookie & Garth of new SP fame. Speaking of whom, I recently did a guest filler for their fantastic comic, Star Power (be sure to check that out!). Other people dropped by like the crazy kids from Eerie PD &  Jen from Run Lil Jared. Shouts out to Alyssa & E. Badger for making it all happen!! And I also met a TON of new and amazing people too numerous to list here, but you know I loved every second of our chats!

And I was overwhelmed by the positive response to my watercolor sketches! In fact I made a bunch of them for sketch a day and actually sold them at the con. For the next week I’ll be posting those sketches. Also I was lucky enough to work on some super special commissions which I’ll post here in due time ;D

I also tried a new set-up and I think it looked quite snazzy. See for yourself:

Speaking of kickstarter, I’m still getting materials together and working to get the charms together. I’ll also be posting backer Sketch a Days and videos in August/September.

Alllllright! That’s it for now. More soon!!!