Hey gang!  Come find me in the Online Media Guest Hall at my fav con, Connecticon this weekend! Thanks to everyone’s help for my Kickstarter, I’m able to attend and have some spiffy merch! Look out for Sketch a Day booklets, an Adventure Time fanbook, Ode sketchbook and a whole bunch of originals for the re-start of Sketch a Day~!

Things have been really crazy lately. I’ve had a bunch of guests inc. my awesome sister visit, but my work load has increased and it’s been kind of hard to balance everything. I’m doing my best and hoping to get more on track. I’ve been working really hard at drawing Ode, and been struggling on that too. Mostly, I am trying to work on having a consistent style. Despite a lot of junky stuff, I’m keeping a positive attitude- that’s the way to grow with art. After Connecticon, I’ll be able to send out all the Kickstarter rewards and do all kinds of fantastic art. I also have a bunch of neat projects that I can share with you, too!