So things have been mad crazy for me! I’ve had such a busy two weeks. The kickstarter, Anime Central and then irl job stuff! WHEW~~!

  • So I’ve sent out the kickstarter surveys. Check your email if you are a backer!!!
  • The second round of etsy orders is on it’s way off 2morrow. This includes the Acen catbug posters.
  • I’m working my way thru finishing up convention commissions and hope to send those by Wednesday

OH AND~~~! I’ve started finishing up the first chapter of ODE  once and for all. My goal is to have it finished and debut it at Connecticon!!!!!! Oh my gosh so much art is happening.

My sketch a days are going to be spotty until I finish ode first chapter. In July they will start being consistent as I will be posting the Kickstarter backer’s rewarded sketches & videos (I really can’t wait to get crackin’!!!)