Wow hi all!!! I’ve been having a SUPER amazing week! MoCCA was amazing and I had SUCH a blast meeting everyone and chilling at Castle Point Anime Con! My friends from Buffalo have been visiting and we’ve been painting the town! Also I’ve had a lot of fun sketches and artsy experiences. Hopefully I’ll make a new post soon about all the cool swag scored at Mocca and post some sketches from CPAC too. I just wanted to write a hello and let you know that Sketch a Day is going to resume on FRIDAY (as my pals are leaving on Thursday).

Also! I wanted to say a special thanks to all of you out there in Tumblr land for exploding the pants off this adventure time poster I made! As promised, I’ve put all the extras from the con on my Etsy Shop… so if you’d like one, snag it here.