Every Day A Sketch!

And here we are at sketch a day #61!  I was gonna post this a lot sooner, but trying to get a table at SPX turned out to be this great ordeal. I’m on the waitlist, so all in all the day could have gone better (or worse!). Anywhoo I was in the mood to draw something kinda creepy- hence the Lich from Adventure Time. I’ve gotten into the AT comics, and they go a lot more into the Lich backstory. I think they are pretty awesome- all the alt covers are gorgeous and they recently put all the comics into a trade and then a giant book. Plus there is an issue that is all cover art which is beyond rad.

I’m not gonna lie- I’m not terrible at drawing creepy things but the process of doing so zaps a bit of my soul I think. I’m all goose bumped out and kinda feel on edge ^_^;; The idea with this one was that the mushroom cloud is kinda Finn-shaped. Below is also a process video- it’s as tutorialy as last time.. more like a quick walk-through. I’m working on another big Copic tutorial for Tuesday!

Lich | SOLD


Sketcha a Day #61 The Lich from Adventure Time Watercolor Tutorial Walkthrough from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.