Every Day A Sketch!

It’s the 59th sketch a day! Today’s I drew the Scarlet Speedster himself- the Flash as requested by all around cool person, @Joe_Hunter of Ghost Bucket fame. I’m not very good at drawing super heroes at all, but per my constant new theme- try new things!! Anywhoo the Flash is a cutie (and he can time travel which is awesome) and so of course I had to draw him all bishounen-like. I also did some fast warmups, and you can check them out below as well. I’m working on uploading a video of my warm-up sketches so check back later for that.  RAWK!!!

The Flash! Plus some warm-up sketches…

skad-59_FLASH_sketch1_web skad-59_FLASH_sketch2_web skad-59_FLASH_sketch3_web