Every Day A Sketch!

MOON PRISM POWER MAKEUP!!!! Welcome to Sketch a Day #56!  Today’s request goes out to Miss ManifestedDreams. (Check out her cute shop) She almost got my 100K Deviantart Kiriban by a microsecond, so in the spirit of generosity, I let her pick today’s sketch a day.  Her OTP is Sailor Moon x Endymion/Mamoru (which for those of you who grew up with the wicked Canadian Dub of Sailor Moon is Serena x Darien! ha!) I wanted to do a super shoujo retro 80s vibe for this one, so enjoy!  Video Process link HERE or watch it below…


Sailor Moon x Endymion | for ManifestedDreams

Sketcha a Day #56 Sailor Moon Galaxy Tutorial from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.