Every Day A Sketch!

Day #52 is a request by @crapmachine, (who by the way draws a super adorable webcomic called Doctor Cat, MD!) Thanks again 400 Twitter followers!

So today it is a red panda! Red Pandas are just about my favorite animal. I went to the Bronx Zoo for the first time over the summer, and literally all I wanted to do was watch the red panda in residence. SO CUTE! Red pandas eat bamboo, but they also enjoy fruit, acorns, roots, & eggs. Plus they have a handy-dandy thumb to grip like a pro! They also like to confuse scientists since they are akin to giant pandas but also have a ringed tail like a raccoon!

I’m not in the practice of drawing animals, but it’s always good to try new things.
Check out the PROCESS VIDEO below to watch the whole thing!

Red Panda | Etsy Shop Link

Sketch a Day #52 Red Panda from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.