Every Day A Sketch!

Day #51 goes out to @davecfrankel who is my 400th twitter follower! His request was none other than the legend himself, Duke Ellington!

Duke Ellington is pretty much the greatest Jazz composer to ever live. He was so meta, he never referred to his music a jazz, but rather American Music. He wrote well over 1,000 compositions, had a 50-year career, and had a more-than-words-can-explain impact on music (much less American Music scenes). I really didn’t want to draw him as a caricature, nor as a perfect portrait, so I tried to be all jazzy and make it up as I go along and work quickly and improv over some framework I had down. Check back in a bit, I’ll be uploading the video process.



Sketch a Day #51 Duke Ellington from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.