Every Day A Sketch!

Heya! Today is Sketch a day #46! I’m tying out my new fancy webcam, so now you can watch a sped up process of my adventures in sketching!  I’m still getting the hang of it, and I also recorded this at night. Hopefully I can get some daytime process going, so there will be better lighting.

On with the show! I’m really totally in love with alternate universe Adventure Time. Fionna & Cake are fantastic, so I was over the moon when Marceline got her own alt fan fic episode! “Bad Little Boy” is so my new favorite episode. Since I was into that groove, I decided to doodle a crooning Marshall Lee.


Marshall Lee from Adventure Time “Bad Little Boy” | SOLD

Sketch a Day 46 Bad Little Boy from Annie Stoll on Vimeo.

As a bonus, I wanted to point your attention to a pal of mine, Miss Adriana Figueroa, who has a most beautiful voice and is spiffy enough to share her songs on youtube- her version on “Good Little Girl/Bad Little Boy” is super adorbs