Let me tell you, the past two weeks have been insane. I’ve been working on some really awesome top secret SW projects. The all-nighter but super fun kind. I also “finished” my portfolio in so far as I’ve got a snazzy website with some of my graphic design work up! (But what artist is ever *really* finished? haha) As promised, check it out I’m back into the sketch a day groove and I hope to finish up Blood from a Stone soon and then *finally* crack into Ode. Tim has written both, and now it’s just on me to finish them up.

So the sketch of the day is a double. I promised a very lovely lady a while ago that I’d do more Wicked watercolors. And I think we all know that I’m a big fan of Wicked, so it’s not like that was a difficult request at all! Defying Gravity is pretty much my favorite song in the musical. It’s awesome no matter who sings it. The first time I saw Wicked was in Buffalo and the girl who played Elphaba had an incredible voice with a lot of emotion. I’ve seen it on Broadway now that I’m in NYC and it’s still really amazing- the Gershwin is a really killer theater.