Hey gang! Yesterday was a bit wacky- I had a really awesome old friend from out of town drop by and had work plus had a date to watch Speed Racer with other friends in the evening. Plus I walked back to my apt so I was super p00ped out. Blah Blah excuses. I’m working on a double page update today so as to not loose the comic a day that has been going on.

So sketch a day…I’ve been having a few art blocks- which I know sounds stupid for a sketch. I went and got some of the paper I really love and I’m gonna get back on the bike!

Thanks for sticking around! See ya later today!

SOOOOOO Would you believe that more people from out of town have appeared? I’m gonna do my best to get a page out a day. But it might be dicey until they leave on Monday. Forgive me interwebs!! >3< I’m not that comic-guy I swear…