Alright so 2 days and no sketch a day, what’s up with that? Don’t you just *hate* people who miss updates. Ok well, here’s the deal. I had a bunch of heavy life things drop on me at the moment and so I’m taking a mini itty bitty hiatus. I’ll be back up and running Friday at the earliest, Saturday at the latest. I’m in a bit of a jam and needed to finish up some portfolio-making and a few pressing gigs. Things are going well with the Force if you catch my drift, so nothing to worry about on that front- in fact I have a new secret assignment I’m working on.

I’m on the hunt for a more permanent gig out here in NYC (if you know anyone who needs a spitfire designer… send ‘em my way!). Freelance is awesome and I love it, but I really want to get back in the boutique agency ring and back to some more steady hours/paycheck deal.

On the Squid Salad front, I’ve got a lot on the back burner that I’m hoping will come to a boil soon. Also, I’m trying to have a flurry of sketch a days so that I can raise some $$ to pay for a new webhost. If you have any requests or suggestions, now’s the time to reply or use the contact form!