Every Day A Sketch!
Whew! Sketch a day is back! Day 21!! So after much radicalage at New York Comic Con, I was pretty darn wiped. I lost my voice for the past two days. Not fun. BUT! Since I couldn’t speak, (and had just went to a way cool Buffy panel), I was totes in the mood to watch “Hush” (which is one of the best Buffy episodes of all time!). Now my brain is all mashing up Buffy and Adventure Time. At first I did a quick doodle of season one scooby gang in a kind of Adventure Timey Wimey sort of style, and then it hit me that it would be super rad to pair PB & Marceline all Buffy/Faith style. I mean I know that Marceline is a vampire, and so maybe she has a more Spike-badass-thing going on… but for now enjoy this slash pair and who knows… maybe more to come.


Marceline & Princess Bubblegum as Buffy and Faith | SOLD