Every Day A Sketch!The 14th day is here!  I had a bunch of requests today and I’ll get to them all in the next few days, but for now, first up is Miss Endy (aka @ochentiocho )  Her request was “I want to see a sketch of the OC nearest and dearest to your heart. ”  And right now my most dearest OC is Stana from Ode. If you know me, you might have guessed that my dearest OC is a hot guy with wings (and well.. we all know I have a soft spot for that type). However, I’ve been working with Tim all summer on Ode. And though you guys haven’t seen a whole lot of it (YET!!), I assure you a TON of amazing is coming. Stana is a badass knight in a time where chivalry and magic are fading from the world. She’s a stong and cool female character and I say that knowing that Ode isn’t just another wishy washy sword and sorcery tale with big boobs. This character is really coming alive for me, and I think next month you’ll find that she is for you too! (ahhh I hope!!)

Stana from Ode | SOLD