Every Day A Sketch!

Hiya!! Welcome back to sketch a day! It’s day #12. I had an awesome time at AWA, but I was super exhausted afterwards. I got to meet so many awesome people and hang out with a ton of excellent artists (you know who you are!). Anyways it’s also Inktober, and it does fit in with my whole aspiring towards a sketch a day thang. Now I know that Inktober is all about raw inks, but I think I’m starting to get somewhere with brush pen and watercolor- so for now that’s where I’m gonna live.

Woah what a ramble… onto the art!! Today I asked my spiffy twitter followers what I should draw.

First up is “My Ideal Cosplay” for Mr. Phil Khan aka @GuildedAge. The story is that my ideal cosplay is Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim fame. Two years ago, I dressed up (err cosplayed) as Ramona and no sooner did I walk into the doors of New York Comic Con than I ran into Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley himself. It was a *most* awesome comic con experience! Lately I’ve been known to rock this ensemble. (Many of you out there know me as that gal with the blue hair… psst it’s a spiff-tastic wig!)

And Next up we have “a fat mermaid” for Miss Amanda Propaganda  aka ‏@panditty. Though let’s be real, this mermaid isn’t fat, she’s fabulous and rather Divine-inspired if I may say.

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