Hey gang… Sorry for the radio silence. As a lot of you know, I live in NYC, so I was without interwebs for all of yesterday. The storm hit here pretty hard. My thoughts are going out to everyone who is affected by this ridiculous storm. I, for one, have never seen 103 mph winds and all that crazy. I’m used to my Buffalo blizzards and snow just piling up. Granted in the Buffalo October Storm, I was without power for 5 days. Here in NYC, the power is mad flickery. I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know I’m ok. I’ve been pretty good about twittering ( https://twitter.com/aniistoll. I’m working to get a bunch of err… work done and then I’ll be in sketch a day ship shape.

On a happy note… thank yous all soooo much for your support in the We Love Fine Star Trek contest!!! I actually won runner up!!!!!
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