Whoa it’s the 5th day of sketching!

And on this occasion, I present to you a portrait of the Ice King as Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps. You’ve probably seen this painting or variations of it several times in your history classes. There are actually five different versions made by painter, Jacques-Louis David and crew. (I say and crew because in those days fancy artists had assistants that could do all that tedious work for them.) I guess the “to note” on the painting is the fact that Napoleon couldn’t be bothered and pretty much flat out refused to sit for the painting. He thought that paintings should be ideal and that no one needed to ever see him sitting down or being short. I think the Ice King might rather relate to that.

(Ps… Napoleon didn’t cross the Alps on a “fiery steed”, he sat on a mule.)


Ice King as Napoleon on a Horse Crossing the Alps | SOLD