Hey gang! I’m sprucing up my etsy shop and making it all Squid Salad official (LINk). I’m going to be adding new buttons and gems over the course of the week. This weekend is the last of my busy summer weekends. Thanks for sticking by me and my spazzy updating schedules.

Star Wars has officially announced that Episode 2 and 3 are coming out in 3D, so I can make a little mention that I got to work on some designs for merchandising for that. (eee!!)

Other things-
– I completed chibi puppets that will be stop motion animated for THIS IS ART!
– Finally got a new fancy computer- it’s a PC and a monster of amazing. I’m back to broke, but with this I can totally do more work, art, and get the ball rollin’ on this year.
– Booked a convention, AWA with my pal, Shannon
– Speaking of whom, has invited me (and a bunch of other cool cats) to work on a Whole Foods mural this month! More details to come…
Ode is coming along nicely!! More on that soon too…!
– I’ve been working on some freelance designy things, but This week I’m going to try to kick myself into a new portfolio (maybe even new personal website) and try my hand at NYC Design. It’s part of the reason I moved and so though it may seem a bit scarry, I’m really jazzed to begin living my dreams!
– I’m doodling up some new comics right now… I want to post them tonight!!