Hey Lufflies! I’m returning to a 3-per week schedule! I’m gonna be trying to do Tues/Thurs/Sat because it’s different than everyone else’s m/w/f. Y*allz have enough to read right? Tonight I’m going to post a Back-to-the-Future themed Strip! And Thursday’s hint is KORRA!

OK! onto another favor to ask youz! I entered the Wlico (yeah… THAT Wilco! Don Quixote tee contest sponsored by Veer & Out of Print!) Voting lasts today and Tuesday- so do a gal a major favor and *vote* for my entry! (bug some pals to do the same!) This one is easy, just click “vote!” and that’s it. Sooo many thanks :D If I win, I’ll reward you all with something very special!!!

I’ve got even more sketches to start posting… what do you think about posting sketches on every-other days that aren’t comics? Then that’s almost something every day of the week!