Heya! I’ve been super swamped with work- 2 CD packages, a stop motion animation, and secret projects! I should be making some updates soon. I’ve been uploading sketches every day on the SS tumblr, so yay!

I want to start a kickstarter to make an artbook- It would be like Squid Salad vol. 1. It would have all of Ghoulish, some new comics, the “best of” from here, and then a TON of art (both fan and original), sketches, and a tutorial or two. What say y*all? I’m tying to figure out how many pages/cost of would be something people would dig- plus it would be way cool to have at conventions.

Here’s a Poll… be awesome and.. .give.. me… feedback!!

What say you to a Squid Salad Art Book full of Comics, Sketches, Art & Tutorials?

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