The poll for what sketches to post next is in. Now I’ll (finally) let you in more on this comic that I’ve been working on with Tim. It’s called ODE!

Ode is about a badass knight chick named Stana as seen through the perspective of her squire, Wren during a time when magic is fading from the world. Tim and I have been figuring out the story for quite some time & I think we’re (finally!) getting into the really interesting development stages. Here are a bunch of my sketches as I try to explore who I want Stana to be. Honestly, I think my first few sketches are closer to the character. I’m leaning towards more waved than curly hair.

Also, I know that everyone loves my very sketchy style, so I want this comic to reflect that. No chibis (well.. not in cannon muaha), and no super anime- more my style and an edgyness. I really want it to come across as cinematic.  As these are my early sketches, I don’t think much of that is conveyed yet- my style keeps changing so I’m trying to push myself these days to take things even further. I’ll be posting more as I develop it. We want to start getting into nitty gritty over the summer, so that by late summer we can start posting it for reals.

Here’s a gallery of images. Click on them and they’ll take you to a page with the sketch ^^