I’ve been really getting into Game of Thrones (tv). Jon Snow is quite bishie. I think I’m gonna have to read those books, thou it’s going to take me quite a bit to get thru them! These are a bunch of sketches that I’ve doodled as my friends and I play D&D. So far my favorite characters are Jon Snow (duh!), Arya, her awesome teacher, Syrio Forel, and Daenerys. I also like Eddard Stark a lot, but I know some spoilers, so that’s a bummer.

I’ve noticed that my site gets a bunch of internet travelers looking for Jon Snow fanart from this post of speed sketches I did for my friend, Rhonda a while ago. Not sure how I got into google image results for that, but pretty awesome none the less, eh?  Enjoy these…. there will be more :D

I’m working on maybe a mini comic that’ll last a week or two while I work out Ode with Tim. Also!! I’m working on making a Squid Salad comicbook of comics, art, sketches, and a tutorial or two. I’ll be giving you more details on that- I want to be able to kickstarter it in time for Connecticon!