Hey gang! May 1st (Tuesday/today) is the last day to vote for my Scott Pilgrim tee designs over at We Love Fine‘s Scott Pilgrim Tee contest and All you have to do is make an account and click on these 4 links and rate them a 5!! And I’ll be your BFF forevers!

1. Scott’s Birthday CAKE nom nom nomLink
2. SCOTT! - Link
4. The Power of LoveLink

This is what they look like: nom nom nomSCOTT!Ramona!The Power of Love


I’m a huge Scott Pilgrim fan- those of you who have met me (& my Ramona cosplay) know! (and now the rest of you do too hehe x) And it would mean the world to me to have something I designed be involved with Scott Pilgrim. <3 Please and so many thank yous!~