I found out that there was another day of shooting for Doctor Who in NYC on 43rd street and Tudor City. Somewhere around 1000 and some other Doctor Who fans also went to the scene! It was way crazier than yesterday in Central Park. I didn’t get as many good photos since nighttime is difficult, but what I do have is posted on my FLICKR SET DOCTOR WHO DAY 2: HERE! 

For more (better) awesome photos, check out redditor Seanmatthewleary‘s on imgur here. Also dig this, this, this & this. Oh and thanks for the link, drwhosetreports.

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Fun Stuff that Happened: I went across the way to a bodega and ended up stuck there while filming happened- and this crazy scene with the Doctor and Amy happened right in front of me! I met up with my friend Molly and her very cool friend, Sarah. Sarah went to the same bodega for a drink and ended up running into Arthur Darvill. (I know right!! so cool!) Also we met a ton of really nice Doctor Who fans!  Shout out to the really nice tall guy who took some pics on my camera (whose name I kept forgetting), Molly’s room-mate, and the girl who stood on the chair near-by, and all the people who crouched in the park! Also Tim (of Honey & the Whirlwind fame) got off work and dropped by at the end, but he was feeling major sick >__< bummer! Another fun thing- there was a point where the cast was on a rooftop and took pics of the crowd. There was a camera crew that filmed the crowd freaking out.

OH! How could I forget- River Song’s body double was totally a dude in a wig. Molly spotted it and made me twitter it, and once I saw i was like O_o;;;!

I wrote mostly all about it on my twitter- but it was pretty much what you’d expect from a shoot- only a few scenes but done over and over. The bummer for the crew was that they couldn’t close the street, so they had to break for traffic a lot. It wrapped around 11:30pm so all in all not so bad!

Wellp now I’m super tired, but really happy for two days of super amazing times!  Thanks everyone who came out and said hi and were kewl to chill with. We should do this again sometime!!

EDIT: ps- here is the photo from reddit/twitter that I found out about the filming for today from. And pics/blog  from yesterday are here.