Heya gang!  How are you?  I’m pretty awesome- though as you can guess- super busy! Here’s a bit of catch up!

- Been working on Ani Difranco‘s new studio album, What Side Are You On? for White Bicycle.  I can at last tell you that I designed the advanced CD, ad mats, some of the type I destroyed  and textures I created are on the actual CD package, mini website, and a bunch of merch. My favorite is the Mariachi Tee- check it:  LINK

– Completed my 3rd secret assignment for Luscafilm  (I still can’t get over how amazing and awesome and freakin’ fun this gig is!!)

– Worked on another cd package that I can’t talk about, but trust me when I tell you it is out of this world amazing!

– Singed Cat Studios is working on a 25-second animation! Tim & I worked on the story boards. Tim actualyl wrote it, and I’ve been doing arts for it! Here are some sketches. It’s called Tempest in a Teapot and it’s about a little wind demon. It’s kind of like Samurai Jack meets the Borrowers!! :)   (Yes I have a thing for cute little demons!)

– Have been working with Tim on a new comic that I keep telling you all about. I’ve got some more sketches and doodles. I want to update those soon.

– MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY!!!!!! This is REALLY at last happening!  I have a place, and everything is set. Just waiting for some paper work processing and I’m good to go. Here I come new and excellent life!!!