All I can say is that my crazy two week bender of non stop design 24-7 is coming to a bit of a lull soon. The Righteous Babe stuff for Ani Difranco’s upcoming album is just about squared away. I’ve got the most amazing gig doing design for Lucasfilm which is sticking around fr quite a while! (and!) I’m so excited every time I’m working on stuff!! In the next few weeks I’m also going to move to NYC.  Can you believe it?  I’m gonna miss Buffalo, but I really need to get a full-time gig and NYC is the place to do it.  (Anyone out there looking for a designer?)

Lots more upcoming. I’ve doodled form character designs for my net short story. I’ve got a name too and a roughs that Tim has been working with me on. Speaking of Tim, I have to finish coloring Honey & the Whirlwind.  I hope to scan some of that and share it. I also think that I’m going to do it Ghoulish style- take a few days to draw it out, and then post a new page each day. That worked out well, yeah?

Wednesday I’m leaving for NYC to apartment hunt. Wish me luck! I’ll be able to post a lot more (and will finally update here)…!  Thanks for sticking with me! CHeers~~~!!!