DELAY. Hey all. I was going to work on and submit a Ghoulish ending pin up as it were, but the day has been all over the place. Tim (my boyfriend and the awesome guy who helped me write Ghoulish), was in a pretty bad car accident today. He’s fine, which thank god/fate/whatever you want to say that he is ok! His car…. yeah not so much. I’m really glad he’s not hurt. TT____TT;;; I lub him a lot. Many fist shakes to the other driver who doesn’t know how to break at an intersection!

ALSO I had a ton of work to do today on top of all that, and I still have a bunch to do in the morning. @__@~!

UPDATE. Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading despite me missing my update today. It’s not a trend, just a crappy life thing gettin’ in the way. Tim and I were going to go over a new short story idea I had. I’m not ready to work on my Geisha story yet,( it’s forming, but it’s going to take a while). Also I have this strong notion that I want to do a few short stories about her, and a main story on a scroll! In the meanwhile I’m focusing on a sort of silly, yet badass Sword & Sorcery story. Before you write it off- it’s about a female knight with full armor. None of this impractical and ridiculous no coverage armor!

RANT/GOOD NEWS. While we’re on the subject of short stories- remember how I was all like “OMG herp derp derp I’m going to make Ghoulish into a kickstarter project and get it printed!” well… I’m still going to do that- but instead of 28 pages of just Ghoulish, I’m going to compile a bunch of short comics into a mini anthology of sorts. I think that will be more fun for everyone- you get to see a ton of stories from me with daily updates for the next two months or so, the finished book will be a nice size and lastly it gives an opportunity to do a bunch of different kinds of stories/coloring styles, therefore something for everyone. (Could that sentence run on any longer?? haaa!)

QUESTION. (lol if you are still reading this…?)
What comic genres do you fancy?
(ie- zombies, ninjas, vampires, sword & sorcery, drama, bisheis, shoujo magical girls, fashion, action, comedy, super heroes.. etc…etc..)

Night Night…er….. morning… :D Catch you lufflies later!