Hey all (and a special shout out to the poor RSS readers who were screwed over by the site being down!)~

There was a hiccup while the newest page of Ghoulish was posted and all of my sites with 1and1.com went down. GOOD NEWS- all sites just went back up. I’m really sorry about the delay. Idk if it was a DDoS, or just general 1and1.com webhost server malfunction. It’s a cheap host, and as such there seem to be a bunch of server problems.

Things are going really well with Ghoulish- I hope you are enjoying following along! I’ve also been posting it to my deviantart and Squid Salad Tumblr. I have this notion that I’d really like to turn Ghoulish into a small manga-sized book. I feel like the drawings are longing to be put on some lovely paper with a very darling cover. I could also include a bunch of sketches and extras. I know that kickstarter is really the go to option to raise funds for a print run. I’ve contributed to some really awesome comic projects on there before. Perhaps, if there is any extra money, maybe I could use that towards a new host for Squid Salad. What do you guys think– is it worth thinking about a kickstarter?

FYI- if major stuff ever goes down again, you can check for what’s up on my twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/aniistoll). Also you might be wondering what other sites I host. Basically, Singed Cat Studios is my first site and is the studio my friends and I go under for conventions and general mischief, Honey & the Whirlwind by Tim Ferrara (who is my boyfriend/art partner in crime/helps me write a lot of my comics), Anniestoll.com (my portfolio graphic design site), and of course here, Squid Salad.