Woah. I’m in like overdrive mode right now. So some things:

1. New Honey & the Whirlwind is up from yesterday. There will be another tonight. I love this new character! It’s a blast to color pink hair!!

2. Tim & I are gonna go to New York Comic Con / NYAF next week. I didn’t realize it was happening so soon, and really dropped the ball about getting flyers made. Although we’re just walkin’ around, it’s a good idea to have flyers to spread out for our comics. Heck, half of the readers of Honey & the Whirlwind found Tim thru his flyers last year. So this is my year to try it!  We split a design. Here is the Squid Salad 4″x6″ postcard:

NYCC 2011 Squid Salad Postcard

3. As you can see by the postcard, I have plans for reoccurring characters and really working hard on my geisha story. Normally I’d use this as filler while we’re going to be gone, but lucky for you and me, Comic Press allows me to put in updates that will happen in the future- so you can continure to read Ghoulish for the week that I’m gone. You won’t even know I wasn’t here….

4. GHOULISH page 2 is about to go up in an hour or so. I just have to add the watermark and crop it to the correct size.