Heya!  So excellent news- I participated in 24 hour comics day this past weekend! What a blast it was!!

First I had a story idea, which Tim Ferrara really helped me flesh out, and re-wrote it for me to be amazing. Seriously it’s the first time I’ve ever been excited about writing a short story. Next I completed 24 roughs, then 24 sketches, and finally all 24 pages of inking. All this with a crap ton of interruptions from my family and a right hand wrist that hyper extended twice. But I was/am determined.

I’m so excited and into this, that I feel like I shouldn’t constrain myself to just posting the inks. I’m going to color this in a beautiful monochrome. (Blue/black/white = my favorite). I’ve got the first 5 pages already colored. SOOoOooooOo what am I leading up to? For the next 25 days, I will post a page EVERY DAY!!! and will continue random doodles and whatnot in the blogs- so those of you who like funny things will get some of that too. Monday I’m going to be hanging out with Tim, coloring the newest page of Honey & the Whirlwind, and then creating the cover for this 24 Hour comic of mine. It will be posted Monday evening.

The poll from the other day said that everyone was mostly into original stuff and short stories- so this is perfect. Plus it will give me time to work on the story of my coral-antlered geisha girl. I am SO uber stoked about this!! It gave me a LOT of confidence that I was seriously lacking all this time.


ps- here is a preview of the first page!