So someone on deviatnart was nice enough to inform me that someone on ebay from Ontario, CA had stolen an old drawing of mine (of the Gundam Wing boys as fruits) and was selling tee shirts (and making $$$ off it no less!). After a two days, the whole mess is finally resolved- ebay took the listing down. I still really want to give that creep a piece of my mind :/ I think that he steals other people’s art besides my own, but I have no way to prove it. (here is a link to the seller- LINK if you see anything you recognize from anyone, report it!)  It really sucks because I barely have any money, but some thieves think it’s ok to take my art and make money off it while I’m stuck here.

But the weird silver lining as has been pointed out to me by a few people- you know you’re starting to make it when you get trolls and thieves. So yay. I’m recognizable. And also, people would buy shirts with my art. Maybe I can see about raising some funds at some point and making some tees. I’m going to make sure that my watermarks are more visible from now on!

On a happier note, I’ve got some duplicate Copic Markers up for sale on my own ebay account: So help me out AND score yourself some super cheap, but totally awesome copic markers in some really nice shades!

buy me!

Comic Update:  So I’ve been working on this new strip on and off for the past few days. Tim (my darling boyfriend and the guy behind Honey & the Whirlwind) is helping me out. I had a very cool idea, but I’m not the best at writing, so he polished it up for me and scripted it out. Now I’m working on the coloring stages. I think it’s cooler when I take a lot more time and make the comic look pretty spiffy. The more I draw comics, I think the faster I will get at it. I was toying around with posting more sketches and things in the blog, but I’m not sure if you RSS viewers out there would dig that or not?

What do you squid Salad viewers say? More sketches and such?