I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU to my amazing r/craft exchanger…
And I’ll let this entry do the talking!


Where Do I begin? This is the sweetest, most thoughtful and amazing gift I’ve been given (I say that every time… but this is so true!) 

I’m so floored and excited and happy. We both feared that this amazing craft exchange had been lost in the mail, but today it arrived- the box was battered and covered in tape, but the contents were safe and sound!

throwaway7089 really did her homework and found all the colors, and things I liked- she even re-created my favorite chibis I drew (of my fav sailor scouts no less!!!!!) and .. just.. I don’t even have words. Also, she wrote me an amazing letter about her time in Thailand and about a really interesting festival. It was so inspiring and hopeful. There are really excellent amazing people having adventures in the world. It cheered me and also humbled me.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! so. much.

This photo doesn’t do justice to how beautiful and amazing these earrings are. How intricate and amazing the sailormoon chibis are and how freaking adorable and kind the secret letter was.

More beautiful photos by Sarah on her blog here:

Also check out her Etsy shop!

ps – “Amethysts, yellow tourmalines, tiny garnets and ametrines.” are in the earrings… O__O all my favorite kinds of stones…!!!