Woah. Seriously THANK YOU everyone who has been posting/reposting and spreading the Doctor Who/Pokemon Love… Tim & I never thought so many awesome people would love out goofy idea so much.
{Bigger on the Inside: Doctor Who vs Pokemon}

As I lot of you know, I *love* Reddit, and it seems that the Pokemon/Doctor Who comic was cross posted in r/doctorwho by Phylonyus and re-posted from my original post by Hokuboku in r/comics. Also shout out to drawnincircles for posting to r/Pokeents and ZaxKellens to r/pokemon

Not only that, but my other fav site, Tumblr has basically made the comic go off like wild fire- with over 800 likes/tumbls (are they called tumbls? lol).

Thanks Interwebs!

{ps- We’re thinking about making it a print for anyone interested lol!}