So far UB Con has been pretty cool. Friday was a little crazy and so Tim & I decided to go to Gabriel’s Gate (an awesome place to eat) afterwards. The above is a sketch of what ensued…. I really don’t like to drink… unless it’s root beer (saranac or IBC) and then..well… better keep ‘em comin’!! ha ha!

It’s been a blast meeting awesome people from all around and also from deviantart, making new friends, and seeing lots of pretty art! The only problem we encountered is that the Student Union is a no cell phone zone that is blocked by the IT department to deter texting in class. So the result is that our phones are in a deadzone and we can’t all out to the interwebs to do credit card sales. OTL  Hoepfully I will finally get some more stuff up on etsy after the con is over on makes it TODAY!  Rawk Steady, yo~

Here are some comishies from the con: