I’m back from Anime Boston! It was so amazing. Thank you everyone who bopped by, shot the breeze, chilled, and bought stuff. I had an amazing experience. Everyone @ AB was beyond nice, and the alley itself was one of if not THE best run alleys I’ve ever been to! The only sad thing that happened was this crazy copic marker being sent to be fiasco <_<~~ more on that later. Main thing to know is that AB was amazing!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!~~~!!

I haven’t done this at the past few cons OTL but for this one here goes!
Freaking Awesome Shout Outs!

:iconstuffedsushi: i’m in lesbians with youz guyz. :heart: love love love loooovvveeeeee….. seriously i think I’m gonna go into withdrawl without my monthly sushi hang out…. anywhooo… lookin’ forward to that awesome summer shindig!!

:iconbaron-mookie: You and Alyssa are so freaking amazing, welcoming, and basically the sweetest people on the planet. Thanks for showing us Boston noobs around, and for the awesome times hangin’ out. I have to find a way to Connecticon.. heck.. i need to freakin’ move to Boston! Heh heh heh! :heart:

Scott Wegener [link] [link] as a famous pro dude, I doubt you’ll ever see this post on DA, but if you do, it was a super pleasure talking and hanin’ with you and Mookie! You art is the best. >w<~~~! I seriously had a blast chiming in on you, Mookie, n Tim’s conversations and most of all looking at your INSANE pencils! DAMN!! :D

:iconyuureikun: – you and your gang were a blast to be next to! you also have the most kick ass business cards of all time! remind me to send you those links I said I would lol! :D Good Times

:iconnayuki-chan: & :iconyanimator: >w< things were really busy for all of us, but it was very spiffy talking to you when I could. haha. there was no getting lost for Tim & I belive it or not (unlike toracon!! haha!)

Electric Lemonaide Michelle-> :iconOriana-X-Mys: & Ritz-> [link] – you girls are my favorite! we have the best times chillin’ and you have such great advice and stories!! METROCON is gonna f$*&%#InG RAWK!!! I. CAN’T. WAIT. *squweeeee*

:iconmoonyen: & :iconegyptianruin: – you girls are so kind! I was really happy to see you guys at a non-Otakon con! muahhaa! Thanks for the FABULOUS button exchange >w<~~~! :heart::heart: Cheers to more awesome cons and even more cute overload!!!

:iconmanifesteddreams: – I’m sorry I was that person who kept listening in on things OTL lol butttt anywhooo hope you had an awesome con! It was cool to chill momentarily with the Sushi gang, yah? hehe!

:iconlittlekings: I love YOU!

To Otherz not listed here- ahhhh I’m so sorry it’s like 1am and I haven’t slept in days >2<~~~~ Know that I luff y*all and am so happy everyone came out to say hi!

Awesome Artists I Specifically Lurked:

:iconbelovedseasons: & :iconanimegirl000: – very cool artists. I’m bummed I was so busy I didn’t get to go back to buy arts OTL

:iconync: – has amazing commissions! I’m so mad that I was so busy I didn’t get to comish her @___@~~~!

:iconhiengt: [link] – I got the COOLEST cat tee of ALL TIME from him!!! ’nuff said