So many things! You’ve noticed I’ve been so busy and not had a chance to sit down and do a proper comic. Hopefully this depressing 2-minute doodle will..uhh… well I’m not sure actually….

Trimania was a blast. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I’ll post some pics on flickr soon-ish.

In rather sad news, Elizabeth Taylor died. I’ve always been a fan of ‘old movies.’ I used to watch them with my Grandpa. Then I found out that Diana Wynne Jones died yesterday. Talk about sadness! (Howl’s Moving Castle author and Ima let you finish, but she is the best damn fantasy writer of all time…all….time!)

Also, it bears mentioning that my mom is in the hospital, so if you could throw some prayers, well wishes, or good vibes her way, that would be swell. :)