pocket brush pen

Oh man… today has been crazy. I went on the most wild goose chase for the illusive Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Joe Hunter told me about it, and I’ve been dying to use a brush *pen*. Both he and Yuko of Johnny Wander fame have been known to use it like the crazy amazing artists that they are.

I’ve had Copic, Sakura, and Faber Castell brush pen/markers, but I’ve always really liked using traditional brushes. The thing is, I never had a small enough one to use for comicking.. UNTIL NOW!~

Ok so long story short, the evil art store monoploy in Buffalo gave me the run around ALL DAY- “no we dont have them” “oh we do at the store an hour away from you” “oh I told you the wrong thing I just shipped them to Rochester while you were driving” “oh there is one back at the store you first called where you drove from”… FUUUUU!!!

So finally I found one. And then, of course I gave it to Tim (b/c he was awesome and drove me all over looking for it and he actually needs it for Honey & the Whirlwind more than I do). So currently, mine is on order from the Rochester and in the meanwhile, I got a Pentel Black #101 brush pen and it’s very cool. I’m not good at it yet, but I did these doodles on rice paper (which is waaay more absorbant than my moleskin sketchbook or Bleed Proof Paris pen & ink paper)…

Doodles: MFawwnnnyyy , an elf miko?, and me..?

sketches of brush pen